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PRACTICAL ACUPUNCTURE: Barriers of the Upper and Lower Limbs


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You will probably be interested in our online course 

  of  Practical Acupuncture

for musculoskeletal pain & neuralgias.

For Physical therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Physicians, Naturopaths, other therapists, Nurses, Sports trainers, and of course Acupuncturists ; also for students in these areas.

In short, for those who want to treat successfully with Acupuncture,

             without spending unnecessary years studying it.

No needles used, but a stylus



The whole practical course in 13 links to Video courses, 2 /month, + 13 PDF media, 

                                                                                         and 3 Q/A meetings by Zoom or Meet.


You will soon be able to cure your patients, even difficult cases, beginning after the second video.




I am a physician, and I have been practicing Acupuncture for 45 Years,

all the while conducting research work on the topic.

I have been teaching Acupuncture for 20 years.


I will teach you here the practical results of all those years of intensive research.


Every 15 days you will receive the link for a new video, which remains available for one month, and gives you time to integrate the data and put them into practice.

A PDF format, including inter alia the location of the points used, is attached each time.


For each topic we explain how to make diagnosis of the energy disruption, how to treat it, and where the specific acupuncture points are located.



1.                Theoretical bases of Practical Acupuncture     


2.                Barriers: overviews                                                           

                                 Pain of the upper limb: shoulder, elbow, wrist;

                  Diagnosis & treatment


3.                Lower limb and trunk Barriers:

                Hip, knee, ankle pain;

                Low back pain

                          Diagnosis & treatment


4.                Head & Neck Barriers       Neck pain. Sinusitis.

                                                              Diagnosis & treatment    


5.                Deficiencies of Qi            Multiple pain

               Diagnosis & treatment   


6.                Yin Stagnation                Pain worsened by rest and/or at night  

                        Diagnosis & treatment


7.                Yang Excess                      Pain worsened with movement

               Diagnosis & treatment


8.                Blood Stasis                      Long lasting Pain, etc.

                Diagnosis & treatment 


9.                Meridians, Torrents         Fine linear pain. Xi Points ()

               Diagnosis & treatment


10.             Territories,                       Wide linear pain, multiple pain

                                                           WuShu points, used according an energy diagnosis

               Diagnosis & treatment


11.            Bi                                   Pain with climatic or dietary factor

                                        Diagnosis & treatment


12.             Ben Shen              Pain with a psychological cause.

                                               Diagnosis & treatment


13.             Protocol, synthesis         

                       as an example: all the possible causes of Low Back Pain and their treatment

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