Practical  Acupuncture


                                     for Joint Pain & Neuralgia

Barriers of the Upper & Lower limbs


This 100% practical book will allow you to very quickly put into practice


the treatment of the main cause of joint pain in the upper limb

(shoulder, including adhesive capsulitis, elbow, wrists, thumb, etc.)

and lower limb (hip, knee, ankle): the "Dams" on blood flow energy,

more commonly referred to as "Barriers".


The effectiveness of this long since forgotten approach will surprise you.

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From the perspective of Acupuncture, pain is caused by a disturbance in the energy flow of the body. And Barriers (Guan ) are the most frequent cause of disruption, even though this notion is not understood anymore in China or by most Acupuncture schools worldwide…

Indeed, much of Traditional Acupuncture reasoning, diagnosis, and treatment methods have long since been forgotten.

But not everywhere: a century ago, in 1929, Acupuncture has been transmitted in France by George Soulié de Morant, a former consul In China, where he had learned it.

He trained French physicians, and soon Acupuncture schools were founded, and their teachings met with success, half a century before other western countries even began to be interested in Acupuncture, after Nixon’s visit to China.

This French transmission also occurred before a great amount of the knowledge was lost in China itself, because of government bans, and civil and foreign wars.

Therefore, French physicians kept alive a Tradition that had become more and more lost in China itself, well before other western therapists became interested in Acupuncture.

Much of the knowledge that was saved or recovered in France is unknown elsewhere. Barriers are a good example of this: they are one of the most frequent causes of musculoskeletal pains, but even the understanding of the word ‘Guan’ is lost.

The practical “instructions for use” for diagnosis and treatment for Barriers of the upper and lower limb joints are explained here.

It is a return to the roots of Acupuncture, the like of which you will find nowhere else.


So, this book is about Chinese Acupuncture… with a French touch!


Table of Contents

 extract :


* The cause of Pain


* Needle or Stylus?


* Diagnosis of a Barrier (or Dam)


* Pain in the Shoulder caused by a Barrier

   Diagnosis & Treatment


* Pain in the Elbow caused by a Barrier

   Diagnosis & Treatment



* Pain in the Wrist caused by a Barrier

   Diagnosis & Treatment



* Pain in the Hip caused by a Barrier

   Diagnosis & Treatment



* Pain in the Knee caused by a Barrier

   Diagnosis & Treatment



* Pain in the Ankle caused by a Barrier

   Diagnosis & Treatment